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Eating chocolate easter eggs
Is such a sweet, sugar treat
The milky addictive taste
That nobody can ever cheat
Slowly unwrapping each foil layer
Crease by every crease
I open carefully, precisely revealing
The one thing I will eat
Every bite consumes me more and more
I don't think I can stop
At that moment, the world's made of chocolate
Everything, even the sign of the bus stop
Soon enough, I'm dragged back to reality
Where too much makes you fat
I still want a sweet, sugar treat
Triple kudos to that
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Mature content
Be myself :iconlaceduplolita:laceduplolita 2 0
Meiosis for Dummies
What do you think about it right now?  I'd say it's the cell division concerning sexual reproduction.
Now that's gotta hold your attention.  First and formost, you guys need to know what gametes are.  So...
1)What are Gametes?
They are the little things you call the sperm from a male and the egg from a female.  "Gamete" is just a fancy, general word for them.  As you probably know, a male and a female "do the dirty" if you know what I mean.  I mean if they really didn't want to have a kid, then they could have just used contraception for goodness sakes.  But, surprisingly some people do want kids, and reproduce.  
That is what the gametes are for - to go on to create zygotes (which was already explained in the "Mitosis" part of this series) which go on to mitosis and grow into a fetus, mitosis, then finally "popping out" as a baby.  Of course mitosis happens almost all the time whe
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Nice and Simple by laceduplolita Nice and Simple :iconlaceduplolita:laceduplolita 1 0
Mitosis for Dummies
What do you think it is.  It must be the cell division in which you grow.  Ooh, interesting stuff right?
Hell, do you think I find it interesting?  Well, here goes the story of growth.
*WOW*  Aren't you suprisingly stunned?
1)You begin life as a zygote
And if you're wondering what the hell a zygote is.  It's only the most "wonderfullest" thing in the entire universe.  It's just one of those things that you grew from.  You were a zygote in you early, and I must say, very very early years.  You were created from the gametes.
Gametes.  What are they?  They are just a fancy name for eggs and sperm which we all know has to do with the process of fertilisation.  And I guess you all want to know what that is too.  Hmmm?
Fertilisation happens when a male and female do the dirty *cough* *cough* and did not put it inside their heads that if they didn't want a
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Stranger Than Me? - Chapter 1
I am Emily Strange.
I believe that I am one of the descendants of the devil.  Be it be any evil task, I will do it.  I have the tendency to think larger than life and that is just one of the things I love about me.  What do you love about me.  Come on, I know you love me.
*shakes head* Sometimes, I know that I am so kidding myself on these types of things.  I have so much of an ego that I don't even know how I can control it in the first place.
My Miles.  Don't touch him.  Deep inside he possesses dark, evil gifts which could be downright nasty if you want it all to happen to you.  But I'd advise you to never get in the wrong sides of him.
Outside, I heard blinking sounds of shrieks.  Now, this has to be interesting  I staggered slowly toward the sound as if I has supersonic powers, as if hearing was the only sense that I had.
:iconlaceduplolita:laceduplolita 1 2
Stranger Than Me? - Prologue
Trudging through the tapered darkness into the creepy castle I call my heaven, I met my twisted, delightful kitty friend.  My one sidekick I should always trust - Miles.  
You will notice him.  He's the only black cat with six claws to my knowledge.
If you upset him, you will be tortured like no one has been tortured before.  I have my ideas - I could build a trap from every little implement in my basement and lock you up for eternity, trapped within the gates that prevails many creatures to haunt you from every little black cat and zonster to skirmish.  
Be warned.
And whoever calls Miles or any other devillish black cat of mine a Grimalkin should face the most devastating death the world has ever seen.  Would you like it much if you were trapped within those gates, and even worse, to be confined in a small space with my fellow zonster, Pillowgoat.  Don't you dare snicker wildly at his name.  For his name
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I crept out slowly into the mist that surrounded my house.  I wondered why that was the only thing I could remember.  I didn't have any other memories - only faces and names.  I slowly trudged the ground with my bare feet, and could feel the mud squish between my toes, and mind you, it wasn't the greatest feeling in the world.  In fact, I felt disgusted.  I didn't know what to think anymore.  
I peeked from behind the prickly bush, but in the process, I pricked myself!
Whoever told me that prickly bushes were dangerous were frankly.. right.  I didn't want to listen to them, ever because I had my own pride.  The other thing I remember is that I always wanted to do stuff myself.  I'm an independent chick who goes on her own way.  That's just me.
Okay, so I saw the house.  There aren't many houses with a green tiled roof and total brick red walls, and I am so glad I spotted
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who knows why?
I laugh, I cry, I wonder why
He's crying out, two notes high
He sounds like he wants to say bub bye
To the next heart stomp that gets him by
But he cries, he cries
No one really knows why
Is he sad? Badass or mad?
Over the last meal he had
Craving attention, just a tad
Sure why not? It's only a fad
He's just another closed in lad
That's sad
How he always expects a call
Wishing and waiting, doing nothing at all
Letting out nothing but a bawl
Before he knows it, he willl just fall
Out of the sky, ten feet high
Sure, he thinks he will survive
Stomping his feet, maddening his cry
Why he does it?
Who knows why
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I started to remember back in the old days, when I was a kid.
I could be carefree, with not much there to care about.  Embarrassments weren't much to me.  I didn't care what anyone thought.  I felt blissful.
I remember going down the isle as a flowergirl, all dolled up.  I almost resembled a porcelain doll back then.  (Yeah right.)  I stumbled through the isle lifting the flowers and sprinkling them over the overjoyed visitors.
I remember being a psychotic tantrumatic, screaming every deadly note I could sing.  Yes, it sounded tantrumatic - almost.  
I remember my sad sense of style and how I let my mother dress me up in such horrid clothes.  Sigh, can't you just remember it?  Shirt tucked in. Frilly dresses at a shopping centre.  Thick and flourescent socks you could barely breathe in.  I know the days.  I know them well.
I remember daring to be a rebel, ah
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Part Time
Part time work does not exploit school students.  You can see that students can get a lot of experience working in a social environment, get more confident and to increase their knowledge about how life is around the work force.
Students need to get used to working with others because if they don't get used to it, they might find it a little awkward.  When people have experience at a job, they get better at it.  If they transfer to another job with a higher pay, they could do better because they will have gained the necessary skills that they need to do basic jobs.  The experience they get will also go on their employment record and they could have a better chance of being able to score a higher paying job or one that could get them further in the subject they will want to strive at.
Part time jobs also give students more confidence.  They will have to work in a social workplace and greet customers, giving in to their professional needs
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Safety Net
I'm grateful, for all the things you've done
I'm thankful, for being there all along
You're always, always close by
You're even there when I want to cry
I'm happy, that you're always there
When I feel sad, you consult my fear
I'm glad that you are here with me
When you're mad, you just care for me
You're my safety net
I get mad at you
But you forgive and forget
You're my safety net
:iconlaceduplolita:laceduplolita 0 2
So did you ever hear
Of the story of a teen
She got whacked by a remote
She let off a little scream
She turned and in shock
Her sister held with a knock
That damn wretched thing
Her bones are now rattling
All sister could do was laugh
Laugh and sneer and snicker
How mean and crude, she smiled
It's either revenge or to bicker
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A Fear
A dagger is piercing my heart and my brain
Like a thunderstrike dart; all the same
Feeling there's nothing more to live for
Just hatred, sadness and a death call
I'm nothing but hated by crowds amok
Meanwhile my free spirit, trapped by a lock
All I live is not danger, but everlasting fear
Of being disliked, made fun of, a feeling I cannot bear
For some, I'm a loner and others, just strange
One wish, just one, I wish I could change
Even that is a fear, one I can't overcome
I hope that one day, that fear be overrun
Cannot do anything at all, just so afraid
Everything I do seems to be judged and recieves a grade
For the grade is not high, always low
Whatever I do, I'm scared to make it grow
Life is a journey, slowly becoming competition
Nearly all things, have a condition
I know I'll never complete, so I never compete
I just wait, wait, wait for the perfect time
Sometimes, my fate never arrives
I know it's someone to deprive
But who is committing the crime
:iconlaceduplolita:laceduplolita 0 0
Accidents Happen - Chapter 1
I can't believe it. That snotty nose freak, Dunstin Peroby had just declared his utter love for your truly. But honestly, anyone falling for me has to be some kind of joke.
"Oh, Leah! I confess!, I have loved you ever since I saw your beauty through the open window. You were there with your beautiful long stranded hair and reading delightfully on that cold winter day!"
All I had to say about this incredibly cheesy declaration of "love" as he calls it was,
"Freakin Heck..."
Even though I felt nothing for this freaking excuse for a guy, I can't believe anyone would actually declare their love in this kind of way. I mean, uhh, really? No one falls for that crap in this moment in time. All I feel at the current moment is absolute humiliation!
Everyone was staring at me and him, switching contact between us to as if we were supposed to do something. Quick. I felt my face going redder and redder as every second passed by. The tension was just unbearable.
"Sorry Dunstin, you're just not the o
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beepsybotsy by loveshugah beepsybotsy :iconloveshugah:loveshugah 237 26 FunTimeGo by Lizzy-John FunTimeGo :iconlizzy-john:Lizzy-John 3,207 299 For Baer by Bobsmade For Baer :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 601 86
100 Things Not To Do in HP
100 Things Not to Do Should You Ever Find Yourself in the Harry Potter Series
1. Never use a permenant black (or red) sharpie marker draw a Dark Mark on your or someone else's arm as a joke. (This means you CEH...)
2. Don't give Remus a flea collar or any other type of anti-flea merchandise as a gift.
3. Don't hug Fenrir on full moon. (Sorry. Had to put this as part of an inside joke...)
4. Never EVER discuss Voldemort's family history with him.
5. Don't refer to Severus as "Snapie-poo", especially not to his face.
6. Don't REALLY give Dumbledore acid pops! He doesn't enjoy them! That was just the password! O.O
7. Don't ask McGonagall how often she gets hairballs.
8. Don't try to have a staring contest with a basilisk.
9. Don't try to wear a lethifold. (a cloak-like monster that eats people. My online friend told me about this one...)
10. Don't call him Muffin or he'll nail you to the door.
11. Don't bring a My First Chemistry Set to potions class.
12. Don't dance around singing the Po
:iconcaffeine-master:Caffeine-Master 56 55
Anime 50 List 4the Uninspired
Anime 50: A List for the Bored & Underinfluenced Fanart Artists Suffering from Artist's Block.
I will continue to update this until there are actually 50 items. Until then, suggestions for additions are welcomed.
*Pick any animes you like that have at LEAST 3 characters.
1)Draw your characters with different hair lengths than they actually have.
2)Draw your child or chibi characters as teenagers or adults.
3)Draw your teenaged characters as adults or children or chibis.
4)Draw your adult characters as children or chibis or teens.
5)Draw your characters as the opposite gender with the same hair styles.
6)Draw your characters in drag.
7)Draw your characters dressed as super heros (Japanese or American style).
8)Draw your characters dressed as super villians.
9)Draw your characters in embarassing halloween costumes.
10)Draw your characters cosplaying another anime.
11)Draw your characters in sexy moe cosplay.
12)Draw your characters cosplaying a non anime cartoon.
13)Draw your characters
:iconlikalaruku:LikaLaruku 1 9
Contest Over: The Contest Ends with You...
        Contest Over: The Contest Ends with You...

The World Ends with You contest is now officially closed!
           deviantART and Square Enix would like to thank you all for your
           unmatched enthusiasm and thousands of amazing entries! With over
           5,000 entries to review you have made this one of our biggest
           contests to date!  The work is certainly cut out for our judges.

From the ingenious team that brought you Kingdom Hearts comes a new action RPG for the Nintendo DStm system called The World Ends with Youtm.

in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district, the story begins with Neku, just
another ordin
:iconmoonbeam13:Moonbeam13 4,783 6,162
. plutonia . by karincoma . plutonia . :iconkarincoma:karincoma 1,191 184 .. tell me angel .. by karincoma .. tell me angel .. :iconkarincoma:karincoma 1,025 157 we're looking for a new owner by CooLtshuck we're looking for a new owner :iconcooltshuck:CooLtshuck 179 50 ...Joker... by Radittz ...Joker... :iconradittz:Radittz 1,188 112 ++Prince of the Night - KKM++ by goku-no-baka ++Prince of the Night - KKM++ :icongoku-no-baka:goku-no-baka 1,798 270 :h:a:l:l:o:w:e:e:n: by nairchan :h:a:l:l:o:w:e:e:n: :iconnairchan:nairchan 2,377 144 Hallo-Witch Moku by hylianmage Hallo-Witch Moku :iconhylianmage:hylianmage 30 16



New Zealand
Current Residence: treetops
Favourite genre of music: rock, punk rock and anything upbeat and funky
Favourite photographer: photos are evil
Favourite style of art: morbidity and cuteness
Operating System: that would be windows xp
MP3 player of choice: itunes
Wallpaper of choice: super cute + super colourful
Favourite cartoon character: raito from death note
Personal Quote: "i don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide, i cry when angels deserve to die&am


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